Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In 20120321

Tuesday is Chinese food night at our house. But I didn't order Chinese food for myself last night. We had some baked chicken breast left over, so I decided to have that instead. The issue I have with Chinese food is that it can taste so good that I'll eat too much of it. And this makes me tired, so I seek out crunchy or sweet snacks to perk myself back up. I'll do this even (or especially) when I feel totally stuffed.

I think Chinese food is a far better fast food option than burgers and fries. But it's not perfect. Even if you avoid the "crispy" dishes (General Tsao's chicken, for example, is breaded before it's fried) you'll still ingest the wheat and/or corn starch that's used to thicken the sauce. Wheat can be found in soy sauce, too.

If I'm desperate to stick to my gluten-free diet, I'll order the steamed chicken and broccoli. But the restaurant we order from gives us a free order of Crab Rangoon, which is like a small turnover. I hate to throw out food, so I usually succumb to this temptation. I'm sure the dog would eat it on my behalf, but he shouldn't be having that stuff, either!

Now for something completely different.... My wife complained last night that she weighed herself on Monday and was 13 pounds lighter than usual. Then she weighed herself again yesterday (one day later) and got the normal reading. I can get two back-to-back readings that are off by two pounds or so, depending on how hydrated I am and how much sleep I got preceding each measurement. And if the scale isn't quite level for one reading, it can report a different result. But 13 pounds is quite a lot!

Waist = 37.25"
Height = 5' 9"

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