Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dream: Polar Bear

I'm outside in the backyard of my boyhood home.  The dog is also outside with me.  We are near the edge of our yard right next to the hedge that serves as a natural boundary to the yard of the neighbor with the small house.  I see a squirrel and a skunk at the base of the hedge.

A man is in the next door neighbor's yard.  He is either an exterminator or from animal control.  He is lying on the ground, peering under the neighbor's house, looking for animals.  I call his attention to the skunk and squirrel, but he's not interested in them.  He has a blanket or towel spread out on the lawn next to him.  On that towel is a dark animal, a fisher apparently.  But it seems calm and relaxed in the man's presence.  In fact, it's positioned on it's with it's back arched back and legs stretched out like a flirting cat.

Next, the man and towel are gone.  I notice a large white polar bear in that yard. I immediately go inside the house through the back door to warn everyone, leaving the dog in the yard.  But then I worry that the dog is in danger.  He should be brought in.

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