Monday, November 26, 2012

Dream: Energy Ball at Karate Studio

I'm at a karate studio.  A Sensei is standing next to me at a desk.  He wants me to sign a contract for lessons.  He's filling out the form.  He wants to write my credit card number on the contract.  But I refuse to give it to him.  He hasn't even said how much it will cost!  I tell him this, and I also tell him that it better be an awesomely cheap deal, otherwise I won't sign up.  He's also hiding the form from me, shielding it with his body, so I push him aside.  He lets me do that, and I remark that he's not much of a black belt if he can let someone like me push him like that.

Now I'm sampling a karate class.  I'm with a few other people in a room that's carpeted with bluish-green outdoor carpet (just like our three season porch).  We're arranged in a circle, and we're playing "energy ball," which involves tossing a ball to each other.  The thing that makes this special is that the ball is energy.  Right now as I hold it, it is about the size of a volleyball although not perfectly spherical.  But sometimes it falls on the ground, and it becomes invisible.  Once it came to rest about four feet in front of me, but all I see is a flat dark spot on the carpet, like a fresh water stain.  I let the person across from me retrieve it, even though I'm closer to it.  Another time, it flew past the person on my left, and I go to get it.  I'm having trouble finding it amoung the brown fallen leaves and the twigs and dead vines and undergrowth.  Then I realize that I might be able to feel it even if I can't see it, so I flap my hand just above the leaves hoping to hit it.  I feel it and pick it up.  I still can't see it, but I can feel that it's now the size of a tennis ball.  As I hold it, I use my personal energy to make the ball larger.  I feel the heat and vibration of the energy, and I also feel the size of the ball restored to its original size.

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