Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dream: A Screen Window Around the World

I look out the window as I always do every morning.  But this time I see something amazing.  All around there is a giant fence, like a screen window around the world.  But it's on a huge scale so that the wire in the mesh is the size of a girder.  However the fence extends only twelve feet high, and many pieces are missing.

I go get my camera, and I go out to find a good vantage point from which to take a photo.  After all, this is the evidence I've been looking for to show that there is a Supreme Being or Life Force or Something.

I'm at the entrance to the mall.  It's as crowded as a Christmas shopping day.  Cars are at a standstill just trying to gain entry to the parking lot.  Maybe people realize that Armageddon may be upon us.

Two young women are walking together.  They are dressed in the same style of uniform and work at the mall.  The shorter one reminds the taller one to stay at her post.  But the taller one would rather walk around and see the chaos and panic.

[I woke up at 1am remembering this dream, and I started to write it down immediately.  I fell asleep many times while trying to write it, and I didn't finish recording it until 2am.]

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