Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dream: Jigsaw Puzzle Vacation Brochure

I'm walking on the college campus.  It's a beautiful sunny day.  The glass on the buildings is gleaming in the sunlight, and the bleached whiteness of the sidewalk contrasts smartly against the rich deep green of the grass.  I'm walking toward the entrance, planning to sign up for my last engineering class.

I enter the building and look both ways down the hallway.  I see a guy who was in a class with me.  He walks by and says hi.  We chat, and I tell him what class I'm signing up for.  He says that he's signing up for that class, too.

I'm seated at a table in a room with a registration form.  It's confusing, and I'm not sure where to enter the information about what class I want to take.  As I turn the pages, the form starts to resemble a vacation travel brochure.  And the pages are cut up as if they are jigsaw puzzles.  There are also puzzle pieces on the table top, so I take great care with the form to avoid dislodging a piece from a page and getting it mixed up with the real puzzle pieces.

The theme of the travel brochure is Worldwide Winter Getaways.  A summary page shows about 25 thumbnails of places in a 5 x 5 array (or 36 in a 6x6).  Each thumbnail is a puzzle piece.  I am astonished to see Windsor, Connecticut included in this array, along with Swiss Alps and other renowned locations.  The Windsor thumbnail location is row one, column three.  Windsor?  Really?

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