Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dream: With, But Not In, the Choir

I'm at the Church, attending the choir rehearsal.  There is only one other man here, Roy.  I'm not planning to be at the performance, and I feel bad that Roy will be the only male there.

Now I'm at the Church on Sunday, the day of the performance.  This is not our Church but one we are visiting.  I'm walking with the choir during its processional hymn.  However, I'm not wearing one of the choir gowns.  I decide to continue walking with them.  This is a Church that I haven't been in before, and I see that the choir is headed toward stairs that lead to a balcony.  Furthermore, it appears as though the men will take the stairs on the right while the women will take the stairs on the left.  I'm on the left with the women, so I guess I'll end up with the women, unless I can get over.  I suppose I can sort things out after I get upstairs.

Now I'm upstairs, and I see that it's a simple matter to just walk across the balcony to sit with the men.  And it turns out there are other men, not just Roy, but men who regularly attend this Church.  I realize that I could've skipped this event.

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