Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dream: The Shallow Wooden Cookie Bowl

I'm in a hotel in another city with a group of people from work.  We are in the room that we were using for training.  Now the training is over.  We are cleaning up, per our agreement with the hotel.  Karen is shampooing the light brown carpet.  I find on a small table a shallow wooden bowl with soggy cookies, which I scrape away with a napkin.  I see members of our team taking away the local weekly newspapers.  I think they should leave those newspapers for the next group, but I say nothing about this.

It's raining outside, but I'm deciding to wear my slippers.  I don't expect to venture outside, so I think it will be okay.  I force open the elevator doors to get my stuff.  (The elevator is centrally located right in the room, and I'm using it like a closet.)  However, when I get the doors open and look inside, I see that it's empty.  My stuff is not there.  Karen points out that I have to wait for the elevator to reach our floor before I open the doors.

I'm expecting to do battle with a government agency like the CIA.  I'm looking down into a shallow rectangular case that's filled with 9 inch long thin rods that are weapons.

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