Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dream: The Minister's Many Mistresses

My wife, daughter and I are in the office of a minister.  My wife and the minister are discussing whether he could quickly conduct a marriage.  He says yes.  However each one has a different idea of what "quickly" means.  My wife is wondering if he could marry someone later today or tomorrow.  The minister is thinking next Wednesday would be quick.  So my wife gets disappointed and frustrated and impatient and says, "So you really can't do a quick wedding, then."  To which the minister explains that it is in fact quick for a wedding because it would take place as soon as the marriage license gets approved.

I'm bored.  I'm halfway into my own world because   I'm also a bit sleepy, so I close my eyes briefly to rest them.  I discover that I can see with my eyes closed.

Now I'm alert, and I open my eyes.  This is cool, fun and interesting!  I close my eyes again and study what I can see.  It's as if my eyes are not closed, except I lack much peripheral vision.

Whatever it was they were talking about is over, so I open my eyes again.  The minister invites his wife into the room to meet us.  Meanwhile the room has morphed into a dining room, with a large dark wooden table between us and the minister.  The wife has short straight perky shiny blonde hair and has the same doughy appearance as the minister.  She flashes us a warm, friendly smile as she goes to the minister's right side.  Then she delivers him the most sensual open-mouth kiss I've ever seen in real life, albeit brief.  It's breathtaking.

The minister exudes pride for his wife and, apparently for several other women who also walk in.  All of them are his other wives, or mistresses.  And they are also very sensual.  But they do not kiss the minister.  Instead the first two or three intimately kiss and touch the first wife.  Others show my wife and daughter attention, but they do not make contact.  The lesbian overtones are very strong.  None of the women pay any attention to me.  At first I'm miffed, but then again, I don't find any one of them the slightest bit attractive, so the arrangement suits me.  Except that my daughter is intrigued and aroused and appears to welcome any intimacy.

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