Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dream: At the Pool Without a Swimsuit

I'm with K, my daughter's friend's father.  But I'm a boy, and he's the parent in charge of me.  We're at a health club that also has outdoor facilities, including a pool.

K encourages me to go swimming.  I tell him that I didn't bring a change of clothes.  He says to go ahead, and he'll go to my home and get my clothes.  Then I tell him that I don't have a bathing suit either. I also wonder to myself (with the mind of a grown-up) how he will enter the home and find where my clothes are located. And I wonder where his kids are and whether I should look after them.

No matter.  The weather has turned cloudy and windy.  A storm is imminent. Yet, I think I can borrow a swimsuit from the health club and go swimming. I don't care about the weather. I would swim if I can get a suit.

But now I see that the pool is closed. Someone actually pulled a tarp over the pool. I see a boy jump onto the tarp. He shouldn't do that. Someone should tell him to get off. He might puncture the tarp and fall in.

Analysis: K's daughter, T, is someone whom we often have over or take on outings. Her mom spends most of the time in bed and sometimes doesn't provide meals for her family. So K works all day, and he has to prepare meals and entertainment. This dream features a sort of role-reversal wherein I become T and K becomes me.

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