Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pemmican Serendipity

Our daughter's class is doing a project on Native Americans.  Her role is to help research the foods Native Americans ate.  That includes bringing in some sample food items to share.

This is right up my wife's alley.  She was born to be the Classroom Snack Provider.  But she didn't like the idea of making Pemmican.  She decided that we (meaning I) would order it online.

Her search led her to the US Wellness Meats website, which, unbeknown to her, I had been secretly fantasizing about.  She left it to me to place the order.

I figured that 6 pemmican bars could be cut into enough pieces to satisfy our daughter's class, and I ordered two for myself, because I'm supposed to be eating high protein, low carb foods anyway.

Then I noticed the minimum order requirements of 7 pounds and $80, which meant I had to order about 6.5 more pounds of product.  Delighted, but feigning frustration, I said to my wife that I'd have to order more stuff.  "Okay," she said grudgingly.

I proceeded to order some "safe" items like ground beef, burger patties, sausage.  These are safe because they're things my entire family tend to eat.  Then I allowed myself the extravagance of a pound of ground lamb, which I'll probably use to make breakfast sausages.

I've been eating the pemmican because, as my good luck would allow, the teacher wanted only home-made stuff.  The only way this could get better would be if the teacher felt bad that we ordered it and decided to reimburse us for the expense.

Anyway, if you've never had pemmican before, let me describe it.  Imagine eating a pat of lumpy butter that has a meaty flavor, with an aroma tending toward high quality dog treats.  It certainly isn't the best thing I've tasted.  But it has the advantage of making my wife and daughter scream from the room if I offer them some.  After all, what good is a tasty snack if someone else has already eaten it on you?

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