Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sake, Ikura Sushimi and Quail Egg

The highlight of my trip to NYC yesterday was my lunch at Monster Sushi.  I had:
  • Hamachinegi, which is a cut roll with Yellowtail and chopped scallions.
  • Sake Sushimi, or Salmon without rice.
  • Ikura, which is Salmon caviar.  It was presented in a cup carved out of a cucumber and topped with a...
  • Quail Egg
I wish I had a picture of it.

Salmon Caviar looks like translucent pink pearls that are about the size of green peas. When you bite them, they burst open in a delightful manner and release a vaguely pleasant salty liquid. The shell itself disappears. My daughter was actually willing to try one. In fact, she asked for more, twice.

She also asked whether it was a good idea to eat the eggs of a fish.  She was concerned that the salmon wouldn't have babies.  It made me pause for just a moment.  But I was so enamored of my treasure, any concern I had evaporated quickly.  I rationalized that salmon are an abundant species and that many eggs are eaten by predators in the wild anyway.  Besides, we (humans as a whole) consume a vast amount of chicken eggs.

I ordered the quail egg as an option.  The Quail Egg is a GenoType Diet Explorer Superfood, so I wanted to try one for nearly a year.  I don't think it added any flavor.  But since it was raw, it served partly as a decoration and partly as a sort of gravy.

The service was really quick, even right at lunch time. And I got plenty of ginger and wasabi, too.

They don't call this "serving food."  They call it "Culinary Arts."

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